04 February 2013

Rogue Elephants of Santee

Santee, S.C.
Yes. Santee, S.C.

You never know what treasure will turn up as you drive the backroads of the lowcountry. From the giant teapot in Elloree to the UFO in Bowman, these elephants now hold a place of honor. They appear to be Indian with the detailed painted features.

The building has been abandoned for some time and these popped up recently so it will be interesting to see what is planned. They were too heavy for me to hitch to the back of my little car and drive home.

In other news, my folks are coming down from Canada on Wednesday afternoon to get some sunshine and warm weather. My azaleas are in bloom and I carefully covered them up to protect the blossoms for my visitors on our chilly night. I've been busy this evening simmering and baking so I won't spend all my time cooking while they are here. I haven't had company stay in my little house yet so it will be a test of the system. G'night kids!


  1. Holy elephants on wheels, Batman! Your azaleas are in bloom?!?! We've got snow and a couple of daffodil leaves sticking up about 2 inches.

  2. Great catch! Have a great visit with your folks.

  3. What a colorful sight! You'll have to let us know what's going into this building.

    Enjoy your company! I was just up in Buffalo, so I totally understand their need for warmth and sunshine.

  4. Hope the weather is perfect for your visit with mom and dad! Smart lady to be cooking ahead of time! Enjoy!


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