03 February 2013

Charleston East Battery

"Charleston East Battery"
12 x 16, oil on linen


Once and awhile, an artist will paint a work of art based on one of my photographs. I can't think of anything more flattering especially when I really like the painting. In this case, Gina Brown painted a scene from East Battery that includes the William Ravenel House.  Isn't it lovely? Visit Gina's blog and her art web site.


  1. Where is your photograph? I've been following her blog and I agree that she is very talented. I think I'll commission or buy one before I leave.

    1. Kate, I haven't had time to backtrack to find it. I let her rummage through my photo albums and help herself. It is almost as much fun as being an artist myself. She has painted quite a few of my photos.

  2. That's terrific!

  3. She has a wonderful loose style!


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