17 February 2013

Lowcountry carpet & weekend endings

Lowcountry Carpeting, Charleston, S.C.
I want a carpet that looks like this. I often like camellia blossoms rotting on the ground as much as I do blooming on the branch although they aren't bad this year either, are they?

For a lovely show of blossoms visit Tidewater Gardener: Bloom Day


If the first picture is to be my carpet how about this for my wallpaper? This pink fungus was on a tree at Magnolia Plantation Garden.

Tree bark fungus, Charleston, S.C.
My company has gone and my little ranch house is quiet again. I took them for a last walk on Folly Beach before they left and here is my Dad looking like a proper lowcountry gentleman before he left. We enjoyed a hot bowl of she crab soup at Locklear's on the Folly Beach pier.  I had a quick escape this weekend and will get back to reality in the morning. I can't even imagine all that is waiting for me to deal with. I will report to work with my seat belt fastened!

Oh, oh.....this is late but some of my "heart" pictures are featured on Charleston Magazine's Charleston Grit page. Vote for your favorite at: Charlestongrit.com


  1. Thank you for the shout-out Joan. I am glad you had a nice visit with your parents. They are lucky to be able to escape the white north for a week, and maybe you can escape the white heat this summer and visit them.

  2. I'm glad you had the time to spend with your dad and his wife. You won't have him forever.

    1. Jack - that is the way I feel. It makes time very precious. Thanks.

  3. Joan, you may have hit on something big... interior decor taken straight from nature! Wouldn't it be fab to be able to pick out your own scenery from your favorite part of the world and have wallpaper made? And have nature photos printed on carpeting material? I would love walking onto a Scottish moor every time I go to bed!

  4. You have some GREAT photos of your father taken while he was here.


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