18 February 2013

James Christopher Hill does Folly Beach

Planet Follywood, Folly Beach, S.C.
Artist James Christopher Hill happened upon my photo albums and realized what y'all have known for years, I am a big fan. I take a couple pictures of his mural on Planet Follywood every time I am at the beach. I once asked one of the British Black Cabs to park in front of it just so I could get a shot. Here is his etsy shop with darker fantasy, horror and science fiction paintings to steampunk designs and images and his gallery web site.

As far as I am concerned I keep going back to my old favorites of his work - the stars on the side of the building on Folly Beach. Thanks for the smiles James Christopher Hill!


  1. These are all so great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. They ARE great but I don't think the Duke and Clint ever shared a movie screen.

  3. This is a wonderful post and I'm so happy to learn about this place and the artist!


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