29 January 2013

UFO Welcome Station - Before & After

UFO Welcome Center, Bowman, S.C.
It may hold a place of honor in the Backroad Wonders of South Carolina, but the UFO Welcome Center in Bowman, S.C. looks a little worse for wear. The fence is down and the siding is flapping in the breeze. The UFO may actually take off flying in a significant storm. Then who will we have to welcome the aliens? It is a sad state of affairs.

The top, more recent photo was taken a week or two ago. The bottom one is from 2004.

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy through this wicked flu season. I've been very busy at work lately as we seem to be rushing headlong into 2013. In other news, I got a new refrigerator this morning - yipee! It isn't a fancy schamcy thing but it does have a bottom freezer which I think I will like.