26 January 2013

Everyone's painting now, let's get painting now...

Wentworth St., Charleston, S.C.
I just got back from Lowes after deciding I was brave enough to paint a piece of wooden furniture. Pinterest, I tell ya. It is a dangerous place to hang out. There are pictures of amazing recipe ideas and crafty projects. As I checked out at Lowes the cashier told me everyone in Charleston must be painting something this weekend.

The gentleman I caught above is painting the outside of the Lucky Brand store at King & Wentworth St. I hope my project turns out as well as his did.

I went to the the Cirque de Soliel performance with the Charleston Symphony today. It was grand. When those performers fly through the air so gracefully I want to clap my hands and beg for more. Amazing.


  1. Pininterest is the devil. I go there and time stops...it must be a physics thing.
    Charleston and Cirque de Soliel? Stuck up here in Northern ice, my envy knows no bounds today.

    1. The recipes on Pinterest make me want to start cooking!

      The show was pretty sweet. They only had a few performers but working along with the symphony was a brilliant idea.

  2. Hmm! Guess I'd better get on the bandwagon and pin some interest on Pinterest.


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