22 January 2013

Praise House at Dereef Park

Dereef Park, Morris St., Charleston, S.C.

I had a meeting at Roper Hospital the other day and parked on Rutledge Ave. so I could take a quick detour to check on the activity at Dereef Park on Morris St. The little Praise House has been in bad shape heading to worse for many years. The current plan seems to be to move it to the other side and the city of Charleston intends to repair it. I am relieved. It is a favorite of mine and on my list to fix up when I won the lottery. This relieves my mind since I never even remember to check a lottery ticket. I'll be happy to see it fixed up and usable.

Click here to see the news about Dereef Park.


  1. This must be the United Missionary Chapel that was described in the link you provided? Hope that it will be lovingly restored.

    1. Kate, Yes, it is. I can't wait to see if fixed up.

  2. Funny you should mention lottery tickets. Sometimes I check the winning numbers even when I haven't bought a ticket. This week's winning numbers were almost all one digit off of the numbers I usually pick. Made me break a sweat. 8-)


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