21 January 2013

A toast to bright sunny days!

King St., Charleston, S.C.
These gentlemen threw open the windows, hung a flag and turned their second level apartment into a bar porch. I took this on Saturday so it might have been the perfect spot to watch the Charleston Marathon action.

I realize there has been a lot going on today with Martin Luther King events and the inauguration, but I worked and haven't had the television on yet. I got so much done working the holiday I wish I had a week of days like today. It was wonderful. Without meetings, hundreds of emails or the phone ringing I actually got some things checked off my "to do" list. May I have another please? The rest of you relax for a couple of days and let me catch up.



  1. I love it when I send out an email and an automated "out of office" reply comes back because the receiver is off for a day. It's like getting an email giving you permission to procrastinate for a day!

    I remember those bright sunny days with the intense blue Carolina skies! Here in Florida, we've had clouds and drizzle for days now (it's because I bought a camera, I tell ya...).

    1. Exactly! And I still got a lot done. Nothing is as good as the gift of free time.

  2. My kinda guys! Any significance to the flag? :)


  3. Love the bright spots of color in your photos. Wishing you more sunny and relaxing days ahead.

  4. Do you think that they would be neighborly and rent it to me for a couple of months. Would be a wonderful gesture of Southern hospitality. Would you check it out for me, Joan?


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