30 November 2012

World AIDS Day - 2012

AIDS Quilts on display, Charleston, S.C.
We had panels of the AIDS quilts on display at the hospital today to commemorate World AIDS day. The Ann Caldwell singers sang and we had a food truck rodeo in the parking lots to raise funds for the Ryan White Program. That would be MY lunch in the bottom photo thanks to Tokyo Crepes. A nice change from my usual scrappy cafeteria salad.

I can't remember if I mentioned it earlier in the year, but Ryan White's mother gave a talk here in Charleston and I got to meet her. I knew she had to be an amazing person to have a son like him. I was right. It was an honor to meet her.

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Unknown said...

Such a blessing to get to meet his mother! I can only imagine how amazing she is. Growing up I remember hearing his story; I watched the movie multiple times when it was on television. (I'm a little jealous) :)