29 November 2012

Burwell's Stone Fire Grill - Before & After

Cedar Planked Crab Cake

Before and after shot of my giant cedar planked crab cake at Burwell's Stone Fire Grill on Market St. last night. I cleaned that plate up. That is what I call a seriously good crab cake with large pieces of solid crab meat.

Going, going, gone!
This little miniature quail egg was the surprise "gift from the chef." How cute is that?

Quail Egg
When I was invited to a media dinner Burwell's Stone Fire Grill I invited fellow blogger Chuck along for the evening. They might as well have double bloggers at the table! We split a delicious scallop and pork belly appetizer.

Pork belly & scallops

Chuck ordered the steak on the signature stone fire grill. Hot! The steak came out sitting on the hot stone and he cut it up in portions and let the 700 degree heated stone sear and cook it exactly the way he (we) wanted. I gotta tell ya, I never order a big steak in a restaurant but ate as much of this one as I could reasonably sneak off his plate. I could get the pieces of meat well cooked but still tender just the way I like it.

Warming up at the Stone Fire Grill
Our dessert of panacotta was a light and tasty way to end the meal.

Since it was a media dinner, we were comfortable taking pictures of our dinner and snooping around. We had a lovely evening and enjoyed everything we ordered. It is hard to recognize the attractive modern building as the old Gilligan's restaurant.

Kenneth Emery, owner/operator
Lounge area
Dueling cameras on the panacotta
Chef Eric Huff busy in the open kitchen