11 November 2012

Upcoming Ginkgo Biloba Festivities

Ginkgo trees - Charleston Library Society, King St., Charleston, S.C.

It is almost time for Charleston's Ginkgo tree festivities. In one outburst of color these leaves will turn yellow and fall to create a carpet of bright yellow. It won't be long.

The trees are beautiful but apparently you want to make sure you have a male tree since the female trees fruit has a stinky odor and you can find almost as many articles from people who love the trees as there are from people who can't stand the smell.

In other news, it has been a glorious weekend in Charleston and almost criminal not to be outside enjoying the weather. I made some tiny chicken pot pies and set the table outdoors. Now, as usual I have left all my cleaning and weekend chores to do in the last hour of my weekend. I am off to sweep and dust. Blah. Later kids!