07 October 2012

The end of the weekend

P.I.E. Bake Shoppe, Warren St., Charleston, S.C.
How cute is this little bake shop on Warren St.? It is called P.I.E. Bake Shoppe which doesn't stand for Pie or for Prince Edward Island (sorry, I am Canadian) but for Paige's Incredible Edibles. I was on the run and didn't have time to go in but it went on the list. Fast tracked. Their sandwich menu looks worth visiting as well. Has anyone tried them yet?

Yummy baked pies might explain the puzzling pie related sidewalk inscription I saw recently in front of the Italian Restaurnat Pane e Vino - next door. Maybe complimenting the wrong place?

I was also pleased to see that our new shiny bike corral was full of bikes! If you build it they will come.

Holy cow, kids, are we ready for another week? Can we discuss three day weekends in the next Presidential debate?


Lowandslow said...

"Can we discuss three day weekends in the next Presidential debate?"

Ummm....Isn't that essentially what the Greeks did? ;)


Marcheline said...

I bet they were talking about PIZZA pie... mmmmmm, pizza pie.....

Charlestonjoan said...

I thought that until I realized there was now a bake shop next door and I don't think the Italian place sells pizza. Who knows, maybe someone was a little tipsy?

Jack said...

That "I like your pie" marking is precious.

Charlestonjoan said...

Thanks Jack!