06 October 2012

Stretch & Smile

Yoga Marathon, Marion Square, Charleston, S.C.
I was walking downtown this morning and tried to time my walk to coincide with the Yoga Marathon at Marion Square thinking it might be a fun photo op. It was but my timing was off and I had to leave before the actual event started. No worries, I think I got the relaxed and fun part of the event.

This is the 9th Annual Yoga Marathon benefiting Louie's Kids. 



  1. I would need someone built like the Scorpion King to hold me up in the air. Say... not a bad idea! 8-)

  2. I have two yoga poses....the straight-as-an-arrow "I" and the fetal position "Z". Those folks are obviously in the class ahead of me. ;)


    1. Heheh. I've done a few poses for stretching now and then. I suspect I will regret not doing it regularly.

  3. I have nothing but admiration for these lithe and bendy people.

    What's next, competitive yoga? ;-p


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