15 September 2012

Mr. Strange

Percy St., Charleston, S.C.
We still have some "fixer uppers" around Charleston. Enough to keep people dreaming. Nothing a new porch and complete renovation wouldn't fix.

I received a free magazine called Cuisine at Home in my mailbox yesterday and was tempted by a slow cooker pot roast recipe. I don't have a crock pot but I walked through the thrift shop this morning and spotted a perfectly good looking crock pot on the shelf and lugged it home. Then I had to walk by the grocery store and get all the ingredients.

I left it simmering all day while I was out and came back to the house smelling scrumptious. Yum. I've always been suspicious that meat wouldn't be as rich and browned in a slow cooker but it looks pretty good. Let me know about any crock pot successes I should try. Fall is coming and I may feel like cooking again.