21 August 2012

Travel Tuesdays - Giraffe Center, Kenya

Giraffe Center, Kenya
Wow, wow, wow. It amazes me still.

A couple of years ago I went to Kenya to document a Water Missions International trip. My healthcare system had adopted a small hospital in western Kenya and raised the funds to install a water purification system for them and I got to go. We had the first day after our arrival in Nairobi to explore before heading west. One of the highlights of the day was visiting the Giraffe Center not too far out of town.  The raised building was high enough that the giraffes were at eye level when they strolled up to check us out. I was encouraged to hold a snack between my teeth and was treated to a giraffe kiss. How do you ever top that?!

There was a beautiful Giraffe Manor house on the property and my understanding is that the giraffes poke their heads in the windows to see what the guests are having for breakfast in the morning.

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