21 August 2012

Going to the Chapel

Wedding Chapel, Ashley Ave., Charleston, S.C.

When I was selling my house downtown I checked out every property on my regular walking routes that was for sale. This little wedding chapel on Ashley Avenue was. I imagined moving in and turning it into a home. It had a relatively large parking lot so I pictured renting out parking spots to help pay for it all. Luckily it was already under contract or I might have done it. I even imagined living in the attic and renting out the bottom for weddings. Heheh.

Now I see someone is planning to use it for a home. Four or five homes in fact. The sign called it "The Chapel Estates" and advertises the property as condos. They are building them in my parking lot.


Kate said...

Oh, I wish you had bought it! Living upstairs sounds like it would be terrific. I wonder about the price of those finished units. Put it on your calendar to record its progress and finished product. Would love to follow that.

Jess said...

ah, since you are not downtown, I'll report that you got to miss that 2 week period when the students and their parents pour into the city, block roadways, leave half rotten couches on the road, and then party for a week before classes actually get started.... sigh... good times.

Charlestonjoan said...

It would have been fun! I might have done it. I would have at least gone and looked at it is it hadn't already had a contract pending. I couldn't find a web site on the condos yet.

Charlestonjoan said...

Oh I remember. And it always seems to rain the night they put the nasty stuff out there.