16 August 2012

The Wood Nymph

The Wood Nymph, Middleton Place, Charleston, S.C.
Artist Tish Murphy remembered that I had taken pictures of the Wood Nymph at Middleton Place and shared her recent painting. I love it when artists do that! Find her work here: Tish Murphy Fine Art.

Among the Azaleas" 12x 12 acrylic on canvas: This is "The Wood Nymph" statue from Middleton Place, Charleston, SC. This statue by Schadow (1810), was buried for safekeeping during the Civil War in 1865, and now overlooks the Azalea Pool in the Gardens. It was a striking moment when I came upon her with the azaleas in bloom and felt compelled to paint and share her image. — at Middleton Place 


  1. was just about to say that the scene looks like a fine old Master painting! It's a lovely painting, too! Buried during the Civil War...first time I heard of that kind of activity, which I had always related to WWII in Europe, keeping the art treasures from the Nazis. Sobering to think that we had to hide art from our own citizens...

    1. Yes, a lot of that happened around here. Maybe something is buried on my property :)

  2. This is a perfect photo - hope you have it enlarged and hanging in your home somewhere.

  3. I love this painting. She is graceful but somehow those blossoms bring her to life. Tish Murphy has this lyrical style that's more sophisticated than "whimsy" yet ever-so-playful in an open and childlike manner. Thanks for posting this. Lee Anne McClymont


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