17 August 2012

Going Bananas

Banana Tree & Art Show, Short St., Charleston, S.C.
There's bats in my belfry.
Won't you make sure this straightjacket's tight,
Otherwise I might get myself free.
Yes, there's bats in my belfry.

Who knows?
Could be the wine I drink
Or it's the way I think,
That makes me gonzo.
Oh, Doctor Alonzo says I'm going bananas,
Someone get me a bed in the "Casa de Loco" for all my mananas,
For I'm going bananas.
Yes, I'm going bananas.
Si, I'm going bananas.


Kate said...

That is one BIG banana tree!

Rick said...

So where are the bananas?

Charlestonjoan said...

No bananas yet but I've been seeing a lot of banana trees around town this year. Maybe they survived the winter?

Marcheline said...

I never knew they wrote a song FOR ME!!!