07 June 2012

Room with a View

City Gallery at Waterfront, Charleston, S.C.
The windows at the City Gallery at the Waterfront park are covered with a mesh shade but the camera will take a picture right through them. Can you imagine working in a place with a view like this? Glorious.

The current exhibition is A Long Time Ago and will be open (free, yeah!) until July 29.
 A Long Time Ago…. captures the art of storytelling, the oldest known art form, in this enchanting contemporary art exhibit. Curated by Hirona Matsuda, A Long Time Ago….features work by local artists Lisa Abernathy, Becca Barnet, Seth Corts, Baird Hoffmire, Michelle Jewell, Xin Lu, Lisa Shimko, Liz Vaughan, and Trever Webster.  Painting, sculpture, paper-cutting, collage, and pen and ink drawing will be showcased in this exhibition.


brattcat said...

at first I thought you were showing us the view from your new home.

Rick said...

It is a lovely view. For me it would be most distracting if I were working there. I'd be more interested in what was happening around the fountain than I would sweet potato tentacles marring the view.

Sharón said...

What a gorgeous view!

Charlestonjoan said...

Isn't it gorgeous?