08 June 2012

A Cicada is Born

Holy cow kids! I found this giant green cicada bug on my tire this morning and right next to it was the empty shell skeleton it had just shed. We had some cicada transformation in my driveway last night. Creepy.

Just like a baby it immediately looks too big to have come out. I had, had, had to share the little video gif below. Someone caught the action on video.

From: Wikepedia


Judy said...

That is pretty creepy! Looks kind of alien. We have plenty of them around here but I had never seen this transformation before. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Close, but no cicada.

According to the uber cool 'Inky Fool' [etymology] blog: "The Spanish for cicada is 'cigarra' and cicadas are said to have bodies that resemble a cigar in shape." http://blog.inkyfool.com/2012/04/smoking-cicada.html

I love stuff like this.

Charlestonjoan said...

I think it is the same thing. The shape looks the same. This is a new born - just hatched in pretty newborn green. Ugggh.