29 June 2012

Floral Gate

Gate, Charleston, S.C.
There are gates and then there are gates. Isn't this lovely? Again, I'll say these people should be able to put a jar out for tourists to toss coins in to pay for the upkeep of this delightful scene.

Yikes, it is hot out. I've noticed that the latest thing is for people to take pictures of the thermostats inside their cars and post them on facebook. There were quite a few over 100 degrees today.

I had a good day, got a lot done and made it to People Like Us at the Terrace Theater for 4:45 pm.  I looked around and spotted about four other solo movie goes at the same show. Watch out couples - we are taking over! We were together alone, or alone together sitting in the dark theater on a Friday afternoon. My message to single people is "come out, come out, where ever you are". It's a sweet tradition even if they were out of black tea. 

I was stomping my feet and growling about them being out of black tea when two people came up, got my attention and told me they liked my hair. Cheered me up tremendously. I need to remember to compliment strangers more. It is the most lovely thing.

Have a good weekend, kids


Kate said...

The flowers adorning the gate enhance an already beautiful structure. It's steamy here in the Midwest, too, but it didn't stop us from enjoying an annual outdoor jazz fest. Gotta love summer!!

Charlestonjoan said...

Uuugh. It is hot isn't it? We've been lucky so far.