01 May 2012

Empty House Tour

Empty House tour, Charleston, S.C.

A couple of months ago I had a call from a Dr. Scott Barton in New Hampshire. He was doing research for a book about Dr. Alonzo McClennan and happened on my blog. I've often boasted about living in Dr. McClennan's historic Charleston home and after Dr. Barton discovered my connection I was able to put him in touch with the family descendants in New York. Since I am due to sell my house next week it was his last chance to get in and get a feel for where our hero lived and worked.

Dr. Barton and his wife Ann timed a Charleston holiday carefully and told me I could plan on dinner anywhere I wanted. Woohoo! I let them explore the empty (sniff....) house, showed him the basement which we assume was where he saw his patients and then we headed to the Macintosh for dinner.

Wow....we were treated like royalty at the Macintosh which was really fun since I had guests with me. I'll need to take all of my visitors there. Ross took such good care of us and chef Chris Delaney - the secret weapon in the kitchen came out to visit and sent us an extra delicious salad treat. I'd been thinking about their special "gnudi" and had to order that as well as the Tile fish entree.  Thanks Macintosh!

We had a perfect evening and I learned a lot from all the fascinating research Dr. Barton has been doing.

I can't wait until knology gets me hooked up and back online on Friday. This has been torture. Forgive me for not answering everyone's comments and emails but things are creeping along so slowly it almost isn't worth trying. Soon!