02 February 2012

One of these things is not like the other....

One of the things I like about Charleston is that this tiny cottage can be catty corner across the street from a grand home. I'll take the wee one please.

Whoa Charleston, we can't be having this traffic nightmare everyday!  Yesterday a truck accident blocked the highway and this afternoon a suicidal gentleman in distress caused the Ravenel Bridge to be closed for hours leaving traffic backed up for miles. I hope everyone got home (or to the Jimmy Buffet concert) safely.

Both nights, I pulled off in time, wandered the mall for an hour or two and caught a yummy bite to eat at Sesame. Roast corn on the cob,the Ultimate Grilled Cheese and a corona. Mmmmmm. I had one eye on the TV screen on the wall that showed the bridge so I could see when it was safe to head home. Thanks Sesame!