07 February 2012

Oh, the places we will go, the places we will stay!

King's Courtyard, King St., Charleston, S.C.

I was walking back up King St. on Saturday morning and popped into Lily to drool over a pretty mirror they had on their wall. It's hard to drool up onto a wall but I managed. :)) Snooping around I noticed that their back door opens into the courtyard of the King's Courtyard Inn. It looks like a little piece of Europe doesn't it?  The link leads to pictures of the rooms.

Speaking of Europe here is a video of a car racing down the empty streets of Paris at high speed: Rendezvous. Exciting!

Saturday night was the annual Xavier Society Gala with former US Airways pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who became a hero overnight when he safely landed a passenger jet on New York’s Hudson River, and his wife as guest speakers.

It is always fun to see people you work with everyday shined up and sparkling! We clean up pretty good and have fun doing it. We were just so full of ourselves pretending to be grown ups. I splurged on my once a year visit to a hairdresser and had a very ornate "do" wrapped and wound around the back of my head although you can't tell from my picture below. The event was at Charleston Place Hotel and everything was lovely considering the packed house.