08 February 2012

For Julia

104 Bull St., Charleston, S.C.
It was already dusk by the time I walked to Bull St. to take this picture of 104 Bull St. A young man walking his dog watched me maneuvering to find an angle without too many cars in front of the house and said, "It's a great house isn't it? Did someone important live there?" I answered, "Yes. She lives in the Czech Republic now and asked me to take this picture." 
104 Bull St. c.1802 Built before 1802 by Thomas Bennett, builder architect and lumberman, or by his son Gov. Thomas Bennett (see 69 Barre St.), this two story wooden structure on a high brick basement is a notable Adamesque house, with fine detailing including the Palladian window. The Bennett family built similar houses at 96, 112 and 128 Bull St. The marble steps were added by Charles C. Schirmer after he acquired the property in 1916.
Julia is a lowcountry blogger now living in Prague with her family and used to live in this grand house. It looks a bit empty and unloved to me now and in need of an active family. I couldn't tell if anyone actually lives in it or not although there was a light on in the entryway.

I took another picture with Julia in mind a few years ago. You can see that one here.

Bull St., Charleston, S.C.