09 February 2012

Hearts for heart month

Morris St., Charleston, S.C.
Heart photo for heart month. This is at the little chapel in the park on Morris St. I think the heart graffiti has been painted over.

My son treated me to an early birthday dinner at Five Loaves Cafe. I'm happy to eat there anytime. Portobello goat cheese burger....yum.  Always fresh, tasty and affordable.

After he got in his car I kept on walking and coming back up King St. was a few steps ahead of an elderly lady who took a tumble straight forward into the street. She was afraid to move and we waited for an ambulance with her head resting in my lap on the street. A young man called for the ambulance, people huddled around comforting her, taking off their jackets to offer as blankets. It was nice to see strangers being so kind and concerned. I think she will be okay. Hope so. If not, I promised to check on her in the morning.