11 February 2012

Caramel Pielicious!

When I was a kid, a visitor taught us how to boil a can of sweetened condensed milk for three hours submerged in water. When you open the can it has magically turned into dark, thick caramel. To this day, when my brother Jim comes to visit me I boil up some milk and we sit there with spoons licking our ritual treat.

It turns out O'Charley's makes a pie that tastes exactly like that caramel! They even make a tiny caramel tart for one. My office mate Dianna picked up FIVE caramel pies for my birthday and one of my volunteers made a homemade carrot cake. When I stopped by Roper Hospital there were two more pies waiting for me. I may have finally had enough sugar.

There are hundreds of web links discussing different ways to make Dulce de leche but I stick to the tried and true method. I did test the microwave and had a sticky mess all over the kitchen.

Thanks folks! I was completely spoiled for my birthday.