19 December 2011

White Christmas

Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
This isn't what the White Christmas song was talking about but isn't it pretty? After I walked the Shem Creek boardwalk on Sunday I wandered around the old Mt. Pleasant village for a while to make it a worthwhile walk and spotted this beautiful porch. I don't have any plants hanging on my porch right now. Shame on me.

I was just treated out to dinner by the vendor (thanks Mark!) who hosts my fundraising uniform sales. We walked down to Pane e Vino and ate in their outside bistro area. It was just chilly enough to have the heaters on in the enclosed porch area and it was completely comfortable. Truthfully, although this should be my neighborhood Italian restaurant, I've boycotted them for years after I went with a large group of professional women friends and the manager announced at the end of our meal that she wouldn't accept individual checks. She was so snarky about our dilemma as we all sat there with our debit cards in hand, that I simply couldn't go back until I heard it was under new management. I don't know how the current management feels about separate checks because I was treated to a delicious dinner this evening. I had the Lamb Ragu and it was good enough that I'd like to go back and pay for my own meal someday, if they let me.