07 November 2011

Monday Hodge Podge

Folly Beach, S.C.
While I was shivering at an outside wedding overlooking the marsh on Saturday, across the street surfers were wading into the water. I am such a baby about being cold it isn't a sport I'll be taking up but I can watch them forever. Photographer Kathy Hare was a little further down the beach catching this incredible shot of a kite surfer in front of the lighthouse. Wow.

What else is going on? I've been a little slow grabbing a photo of the new business on King St. People Matter is going to renovate this building and move in. Exciting times for upper King St. People Matter is a Human Resource company that will eventually bring over 250 jobs to the area. It will be nice to follow this with an "after" shot after the renovation.

When Andra Watkins asked people for suggestions for gifts for her parents, I gave my standard answer - buy them a Shingles shot. Crazy? Not so. I am not a person who ever recommends medications or interventions but I personally know so many people who have had a miserable case of painful shingles that in this case I do. Since insurance doesn't always cover it it really is a good gift. Until recently it was only recommended for people over sixty but I've heard the age has dropped enough that I might be ready to get one myself. My understanding is that physician's offices direct you to a drug store and for the first time I spotted this sign at Rite Aid. Shingles Vaccinations Today!

Wonder what Kolo kolo mlynsky is doing in my Lowcountry Blogroll? Julia is from the lowcountry and lives in Czechoslovakia with her adorable family. I love her photos and am delighted that she is actively blogging again.

Finally, a perfect leaf heart imprint. You know me and my pavements.

I am off to cram a few more things in my suitcase. It is unbelievable to me that I will be on a plane to India on Wednesday. How on earth do I occupy myself on a fifteen hour plane ride? Fifteen hours! Colored gel pens to doodle, sticky putty, books.....what else can I do?