07 September 2011

Blue skies over Charleston

Charleston Harbor, Charleston, S.C.

Bingo! I had an afternoon meeting at the Mount Pleasant Hospital which got me home earlier rather than later. You can't say I don't get around - I took pictures of physical therapists getting pie in the face to raise money for the American Heart Association and then nurses celebrating baby friendly initiatives with a milkshake party.

This shot was from yesterday afternoon's walk. The sky was gorgeous and the clouds white and puffy. It's still warm out but without the humidity we've lived with for so long and this weather can last as long as it likes.

Charleston Restaurant Week: I made reservations at Muse for this week and I'm trying Oak for the first time next week. Finger lickin' fun! Let me know of any other can't miss suggestions and go forth and eat! Maybe I'll see you out there!

Check out and welcome the newish Holy City Sinners blog.

I'm going out hiking kids.


Suzie said...

I took sky pictures this morning when I got to work and then put them on my work computer. Maybe I will remember them one of these days. Gorgeous sky this week. Gotta love it!

Charlestonjoan said...

Please, please, please let this weather last!

HCS said...

Thanks for the shout-out!