13 July 2011

Super Duper Looper

Scarf with Sea Shell beads

I've met the most incredible caste of characters through the years because of this blog. Some I've met in person but many I haven't yet. One of the later is Mental Meatloaf. I can't tell you how often I come home from work and laugh out loud at the trail of comments she has left on my entries. We've followed each other for so many years I sometimes forget we've never actually met!

Last week I opened a box in my mail to find this beautiful hand crochet scarf. It is gorgeous, goes on for miles and the shells make a happy clinking sound. The enclosed note read, "I made this with you and the ocean in mind. Long Island is all about the ocean so I thought I'd send the spirit of my home to yours."

Thank you! I'll smile every time I wear it. :)