20 July 2011

Rooftop Greenery

Charleston, S.C.

Let's get some goats up on that roof or turn it into a Carrabba's Restaurant! They always have so much greenery on their roof at Carrabbas I'm tempted to ask for a ladder and a take out picnic to eat in the garden.


Kate said...

Must have been a grand old place in its day. The greenery is amazingly prolific.

Anonymous said...

extra insulation?

Lucas Kain said...

Awesome! Imagine what it would be if people still lived inside :) A garden on your roof!

Just dial

Charlestonjoan said...

Kate - It is a charming building. Hasn't been occupied as long as I remember. It has been used in movies.

maggsworld - Not intentionally I don't think. :)

Jimmy - A garden indeed!