19 July 2011

Put the kettle on, let's do some yard work!

Meeting St., Charleston, S.C.

One of my favorite hand painted signs. This one is gone, painted over. She was on an old kitchen supply place on upper Meeting St. I may get it printed for my kitchen.

How lazy am I? I read that you could kill weeds with boiling water so every evening I put the kettle on and pour boiling water on the weeds that sneak up between the bricks in my yard. Can't be sure if it is working yet but it sure beats crawling around pulling them up. Put the kettle on, let's do some yard work!

I rushed home to meet Greg the Terminex guy for his once a year pest control visit. If he puts down enough chemicals to kill giant roaches for a full year can you imagine what I am inhaling tonight? I tried to take deep enough breaths on my walk that I would be able to hold my breath all evening.

Someone wants to interview ME about fashion in the workplace tomorrow. Ha! That is pretty funny. What shall I wear, what shall I wear? Something blue, something black or something blue and black just like every other day?