21 June 2011

What if books were just invented?

College of Charleston, Charleston, S.C.

I got a kick out of this entry from J-Walk Blog titled, What if Books were just Invented:

In this dimension, humans have had e-books for thousands of years. That's how we read. Then, all of a sudden, somebody invents an actual physical book. What would people be saying?
Do you mean you have to find a place in your house to store them all? We just don't have the space.
Yuk! Mice will be eating them!
It takes two hands to hold one. How can you read while you eat?
So when you're finished reading it, you can sell it to someone? Publishers won't like that idea!
How do they know how many to make? It's like they'd need to be psychic or something.
It just seems so… primitive!
You're saying that I have to carry around my entire library? No thanks.
They cut down trees for these things? Why?
You have to drive to a store to buy one of these? What if I want to read it right now?
I don't see any way to copy and paste.

Don't you wonder if books will gradually disappear and seem like novelties? I haven't gone kindle yet but then I'm not the bookwork I used to be.