20 June 2011

Greetings from Camp Puff'n Stuff

Camp Puff'n Stuff, College of Charleston, S.C.

Every June I get the call and every June I meet the kids from Camp Puff'n Stuff for the group photo. Camp Puff'n Stuff is coordinated by the American Lung Association for kids with Asthma. The kids are so darned cute I am always happy to do it.


Lowandslow said...

I can't imagine how miserable asthma must make you feel. Glad they, and you, too, had a good time at 'da camp. :)


Single Gal said...

What a good looking group of young people. I'm sure they are glad to know people care about them.

Kate said...

Great name for the camp. A terrific portrait of the youngster at the bottom...those eyes!

Anonymous said...

We are so grateful for Joan taking such great photos every year! ~American Lung Association