28 June 2011

You look familiar

Charleston, S.C.

I pause these days when someone says I look familiar. I try to look blank and say I don't know where they might have seen me. My hospital uses employees and volunteers for all their ads and commercials and with my white hair I've been used a couple of times lately. My face has popped up on tv and web ads in an Incontinence commercial. Yikes. Then, this has been in the paper recently.

At least I get an adorable grandchild in this photo!

I've suggested that they might want to prove that they can cure me. Surely they can't leave me leaking forever. I am picturing some happy healthy pictures taken on a beautiful resort beach or cruise to prove that our health system cures what ails you.

Truthfully it has all been good fun although as you can imagine, I've taken a lot of teasing lately.


Marcheline said...

It would have taken me a lot of restraint not to push that James Coburn lookalike into the water, just for fun.

Lowandslow said...

How long should you continue to "leak" before you give up on doctors and resort to a plumber? :)


Anonymous said...

Joan you are stunning!!!!

Charlestonjoan said...

Marcheline - The funny thing is that the only way we know that gentleman is in his role as a Caring Clown volunteer. I never see him without a red clown nose.

Lowandslow - People are going to start laying down a towel when I sit down.

Anon - Bless you! I've started my odd modeling career in my mid fifties!

Jack said...

A few years ago, my company took some pictures of me. As a company officer, that wasn't too unusual. Until I opened up a new diversity brochure and realized that I represented Old White Man. At least I wasn't Old Incontinent White Man.

Charlestonjoan said...

Jack - you know what I am talking about then. Yes, I am Miss Incontinence 2011.