28 June 2011

You look familiar

Charleston, S.C.

I pause these days when someone says I look familiar. I try to look blank and say I don't know where they might have seen me. My hospital uses employees and volunteers for all their ads and commercials and with my white hair I've been used a couple of times lately. My face has popped up on tv and web ads in an Incontinence commercial. Yikes. Then, this has been in the paper recently.

At least I get an adorable grandchild in this photo!

I've suggested that they might want to prove that they can cure me. Surely they can't leave me leaking forever. I am picturing some happy healthy pictures taken on a beautiful resort beach or cruise to prove that our health system cures what ails you.

Truthfully it has all been good fun although as you can imagine, I've taken a lot of teasing lately.