22 May 2011

New Board of Charming & Quirky

St. Philip & Line St., Charleston, S.C.

Charleston has a Board of Architectural Review that reviews changes to historic building but after seeing scaffolding in front of another one of my old favorite hand painted signs, I hereby declare the establishment of the Board of Charming & Quirky.

Folks, you are simply going to need to apply before you paint over signs that are so much part of the character of the lowcounty. I LOVE the hand painted "Home of the Hand Wash" sign. Aren't there days when we could all use a gentle hand wash?

It looks like we are all going to have to get up and go to work tomorrow after all. I've been loving all the rapture jokes and photos.

Anyone else find the Charleston Farmer's Market so packed that it isn't much fun anymore? I used to love the market but now it is almost impossible to walk through the aisles, food lines are too long and hoping to find a place to sit down for a bite is out of the question. Can the stalls be spread out a bit, please? Pretty please? I do like my fresh tomatoes and peaches but lately the whole thing just makes me cranky.

Charleston Girl painted the Folly boat for her wedding announcement! It's been a long, long time since I've done that.

Suzie visited one of my old haunts - Magnolia Cemetery.

Friskies has made an iPad game for cats. Why not!

Spoleto Festival tickets are out. Whew. Hard to believe it is that time of year already.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe they are repairing and repainting the Home of the Hand Wash sign. Have a good week kids!


  1. I'm guessing it's a car wash?

    I agree, Joan....laser printed signs, neon, etc. are waaaaay overrated. Screw the whales. Save the Home of the Hand Wash!!


  2. LowandSlow - Yes, it was a car wash. One after another these charming hand painted signs on buildings are disappearing.

  3. Joan, we were at the Farmer's Market a couple of weeks ago and it was packed to the gills. I thought it had to do with a ship in port but after this Saturday I know it is just that people like you and I have said too much about how wonderful it is and everyone wants to visit. You are right, why don't they put some space in there. It is not as if Marion Square isn't large enough! I understand that Mount Pleasant is getting a small farmer's market at Towne Center on Saturdays. Since I was in Charleston this Sat. morn. I missed it but must check it out this week!


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