23 May 2011

If the shoe fits

Ashley River, Charleston, S.C.

This is pretty cool.

My friend Andre is a Deacon in the Catholic Church and because 1) he used to work in the restaurant business and 2) he is the coolest Deacon around, he is very much in demand to perform weddings for the most interesting people in town.

This evening Matt Galvin from Coastal Yacht Charters and his fiancee Sarah, invited us out on their boat at the end of the day. We nibbled on cheese and sipped white wine while they discussed wedding plans. What was important? That the marsh be green and the river at high tide when they said their vows. Gotta love people who have their priorities straight. A simple sweet wedding at Lowndes Grove overlooking the marsh followed by a party with their loved ones.


  1. With attitudes like that I see nothing but smooth sailing for them. And the significance of the top picture? Will shoes be optional at the wedding? :)


  2. It was one of those quirky things I spotted in the river and Matt was kind enough to turn the boat around for a photo. Who climbs a pole in the river to nail shoes on? Crazy!

  3. We often find shoes slung over wires strung between telegraph poles laced together here. This reminded me of that site, but multiplied. They glow so happily, the young couple.

  4. maggsworld - we have some of that as well but this is new isn't it? Tricky to get up there!

  5. I love that Andre married us! So special.

  6. He did! Another one of my favorite weddings!


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