20 May 2011

Friday, sweet Friday

Unitarian Cemetery, Charleston, S.C.

The prayer flags in yesterday's picture reminded me of this one taken in the Unitarian Cemetery.

It's Friday kids! I didn't accomplish everything I intended to this week but I'm pleased to see the weekend. The Terrace Theater is showing movies at 4:30 p.m. now, and I've spent the last couple of hours letting the work week wash away while I sipped my hot tea, chewed black licorice and watched Potiche.


  1. Movie...tea...licorice...sounds like the perfect way to put a work week to bed. Hope you have a great weekend, Joan. :)


  2. I checked your link for the Unitarian Cemetery. The profusion of blossoms is terrific. This photo is interesting; can't figure out the identity of the large central object...a lamp maybe?

  3. Lowandslow - I plan to! I do love my weekends.

    Kate - The Unitarian Cemetery is one of my favorites and since it is right in town it is easy to walk through. I stood in the cemetery to take the shot of the building next to the grounds so the pedestal is part of a tomb statuary. The hanging thing is I believe a light. Check my sidebar for Cemetery tags for more photos.


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