01 April 2011

Wisteria Lane

Meeting St., Charleston, S.C.

Wisteria Lane turns out to be Meeting St. I like this little gal who couldn't resist smelling the fragrance.

Whew. I earned my keep this week. I feel like I have been on a race course everyday and still left my desk a mess when I escaped. All good stuff but lots of it.

Check out this article in Vanity Fair about the 2011 Food & Wine Festival and calling Charleston "America's Paris". I do wish they had used some of Paul Cheney's pictures to go with the article.

I'm laying low and staying out of the crowds this weekend. Y'all have fun! Bridge run, Flowertown Festival. Happy chaos all around.

Thank you to everyone who emails for permission to use my photos. I appreciate the courtesy and it is nice to know where my photo trail leads.