24 April 2011

Cemetery Walking

Bethany Cemetery, Charleston, S.C.

I never tire of walking through the old cemeteries in the lowcountry. My guests from yesterday were going to try to find the tomb of their great grandfather Dr. Alonzo McClennan in the Humane & Friendly Society Cemetery.

I had searched before without success, but this time I spotted the tombstone as soon as I walked through the gate. It's been a beautiful warm day and since I arrived before the family, I took a walk through old Bethany Cemetery (above) which is immediately across the street.

As I walked out of the gates I could see that they had easily found the marker as well. Jeanette McClennan and her husband Bill were joined by Dr. Jim Tolley and his daughter Jessica. It seemed a fitting closure to this part of the history of the gentleman who lived in my house to find his tomb.