22 April 2011

Baby, Come Back

Vanderhorst St., Charleston, S.C.

Years ago, on my earlier blog I wrote about the impressive gentleman who had lived in my old Charleston house. Dr. Alonzo McClennan was an important Charleston figure, an early physician and pharmacist, he had a school for black practical nurses, a hospital on Cannon St. and published a medical journal. A plaque was recently placed at the location of the former hospital on Cannon St.

Dr. McClennan lived in my house on Vanderhorst St. in the late 1800's. The bottom floor of the house would have been his clinic where he saw patients.

I've always been proud to live in the home of such an interesting character. One of his descendant's family members in New York happened upon my blog and sent me an email pleased to know there was still a connection in Charleston to their great grandfather and finally after all these years, they came to visit. They were driving their son to Savannah on a college tour and made a stop in Charleston to learn more. This morning they toured MUSC, visited the Waring Library and the Avery Institute where they were received like honored guests.

I figured they would stop for lunch before they got to me, and I made carrot cake, key lime pie and pralines for their afternoon visit. They arrived in one of Charleston's afternoon downpours and it was a sentimental journey as they walked through the house, stood in front of the house's fireplaces and saw the rooms where their ancestor took care of his patients. They left me copies of old pictures and filled in some gaps in what I knew.

It was a wonderful afternoon and a real treat to meet Dr. McClennan's family and it all happened because of some scribbles I wrote on this blog. This was a cool day, kids.