20 February 2011

Ovis Hill Farms Barn Raising

Lowndes Grove, Charleston, S.C.

Friends, happy children with hoola hoops, oysters, chefs, music and delicious food on the beautiful property of Lowndes Grove Plantation on the banks of the Ashley River - can you think of anything more perfect? Chef Nico Romo and Patrick Properties hosted this fundraiser for the owner of Ovis Farm's to help rebuild the farmer's barn after a fire.
Ovis Hill Farms Barn Raising: Ovis Hill Farms supplies lots of beef, lamb, eggs, and dairy products to our area chefs. Or at least they did until farmer Charlie Caldwell’s barn burned in December, and he lost 500 of his animals.

It’s already a struggle to make a living farming the land and raising cows, sheep, and chickens, so when a disaster of this magnitude strikes, it can be hard for a farmer to recover. To make sure he can rebuild, the Charleston food community is rallying together for a barn-raising. The goal is to raise $20,000 to rebuild his barn and repopulate his livestock.

It was a treat to see so many familiar faces enjoying the afternoon. Thanks to Randall Goldman and all of the chefs and volunteers they surpassed their goal. Well done! Makes me proud to be part of this community. There were more professional photographers than I at the event (hi Jason!) but I added a few more photos to this album.


  1. We were there-- what a wonderful event! My husband and I were married at Lowndes Grove a year and a half ago, so it was fun to be back there and for such a good cause!

  2. Next time you bump into Jason, take his picture!

  3. That food looks delish! sonds like such a wonderful event.

  4. Megan - What a beautiful place to get married. Wow. It was a perfect day yesterday, wasn't it?

    JanetLee - I should have. He was looking pretty snappy!

    Kristen - Oh my....there was so much good food. It was a real treat.


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