11 January 2011

Tuesday Blog Hopping

Branchville Pharmacy, Branchville, S.C.

This cute little pharmacy is in downtown Branchville, S.C. I did get out for a walk this chilly evening but it's been too cold and dark to take pictures so I've been dipping into the "Backroads, S.C." album for pictures I haven't used before.

I ended my day talking to the staff at the Marriott on Lockwood Ave. to plan an event. Things seem to be going well for them since it was almost impossible to find free dates to plan lunch time events. They said their phone had been ringing off the hook all year. Good for them. Tricky for me, but good for them.

Sorry guys. Someone was googling "Pot Heads in Charleston" and found this image. Not what they were looking for I'm thinking.

I went all the way to New York City last month and sat at dinner across from a Charleston blogger I had never met before. Meet Accidental Cootchie Mama.

In 2009 I walked coast to coast across England with Pat & Kathie. This year they hiked a 200 mile pilgrimage through Italy and Spain and Pat is blogging the entire trip. I have been enjoying the posts from the comfort of my home. Aaaaah!

Chuck wants to know who has the best fireplace in town and he has a good collection to start us off at Chuckography.

Gotta go kids. Colin Firth is on the Daily Show. Mmmmm.