10 January 2011

A Bridge Too Many

Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, S.C.

Nasty day. It was one of those odd days where anyone who didn't have to show up, didn't, except for suckers like me who got there early enough to miss the rain and sleet and then spent the whole day plotting our strategy to get home. Heheh. I love these days when most of management isn't at work so you don't get the usual 200 emails and actually get some work done.

Safely home to my corner of the couch and I fully intended to go for a walk but it hasn't stopped raining so I am forced into extreme laziness.

Today's photo was taken on a dreary day quite a few years ago at Magnolia Cemetery. It is dated by the three bridges in the background from the period after the new Ravenel Bridge was built but the older bridges hadn't been taken down yet.

Just for unrelated fun: Here is a recipe for English Peas from Paula Dean. The recipe only calls for canned peas and butter. What is so much fun is reading all the comments.