29 January 2011

Perfect Winter Days

Sweatman's BBQ, Holly Hill, S.C.

It's been the kind of perfect crisp and sunshiny lowcountry winter day that we are so fond of boasting about to everyone we know up north. I went for a drive in the country with friends, stopping for lunch at Sweatman's BBQ in Holly Hill and took this picture of a painting over the mantle in the restaurant. Hahah! Even the BBQ royalty have to have their portrait painted.

The big news is I bought this - a sweet wooden 12 foot long wooden Sassafras canoe. I had been googling around for a solo canoe I could handle by myself and had seen this one months ago. I scratched it off the dream list since it was sold as a kit for almost $900. Nah.

Last week I found a gentleman in Hanahan on Craigslist who was cleaning out his garage. He had bought the kit years ago, spent a month putting it together and never finished painting the outside. Whoa! He not only did all the work putting it together but gave me a super deal and was willing to throw in a seat and paddle. Happy days!

I am going to have to paint the outside but hopefully I can handle that. This sweetie only weighs 26 pounds so I should be able to carry it myself. I'll have to go back and get my new baby later in the week but she knows she is mine.