31 January 2011

Fun Shop Names

King St., Charleston, S.C.

I'm surprised that shoe repairs shops still exist. I was googling around to find fun shoe store names and found this list of clever shop names in general. Fun!

Assorted Businesses and Services

* Alexander the Grate (fireplace retailer in Belfast, Northern Ireland)

* All Cisterns Go (plumbing service in York, England)

* Ashwipe Chimney Sweeps (Chicago, Illinois)

* Beecher Meat (butcher shop in Beecher, Illinois)

* C’est Cheese cheese shop in Santa Barbara, California)

* Cycloanalysts (bicycle shop in Oxford, England)

* Ewe and Me Fiber Studio (knitting supplies shop in Sandwich, Illinois)

* Floral 'n' Hardy (flower shop in Lanark, Scotland)

* Florist Gump (flower shop in Bunbury, Washington)

* Get Stuffed (taxidermist in Islington, England)

* Going Pottie (ceramics studio in Dunkeld, Scotland)

* Grate Expectations (chimney and fireplace service in London)

* Haute Dogs & Fat Cats (pet shop in Dallas, Texas)

* Indiana Bones Temple of Groom (pet grooming service in California)

* Jamaican Me Crazy ("family fun store" in Haddonfield, New Jersey)

* Julius Cedar (lumberyard in Saskatoon, Canada)

* Junk & Disorderly (furniture store in Nottingham, England)

* Knead to Relax Massage (Traverse City, Michigan)

* Melon Cauli (greengrocer and fruit seller in Birmingham, England)

* Merry Pop Ins Child Care (Jacksonville, Florida)

* Napoleon Boiler Parts (plumbing supply store in Alton, England)

* The Old Spokes Home (bicycle shop in Burlington, Vermont)

* Old Volks Home (Volkswagen service and repair in Richmond, Virginia)

* Oui Oui Enterprises Ltd. (portable toilet rental service, Chicago, Illinois)

* Pane in the Glass (window washing service in Contra Costa, California)

* Phydeaux (pet-supply store in Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

* Sew Materialistic (fabric store in Brooklyn, New York)

* Sofa So Good (furniture store in Vancouver, Canada)

* Thistle Do Nicely (souvenir shop in Edinburgh, Scotland)

* A Time to Kiln (pottery store in Red Bank, New Jersey)

* William the Concreter (concrete contractor in Durham, England)

* Womb to Grow (maternity wear and baby gifts in Lichfield, England)