21 November 2010

San Francisco Visit Day One

Balmy St. San Francisco, CA

I am watching the sun set over San Francisco from our tenth floor hotel room, resting my legs after hiking up hills all day and enjoying a cuppa tea. Not much to complain about here. We've had a lovely day starting off exploring the Mission District mural neighborhood where I was just in the nick of time to help with an emergency delivery on Balmy St.

We had giant burritos for lunch, headed (very briefly) to the chaos of Fisherman's Wharf and back through Chinatown. You know how I am about sidewalk graffiti and this is a wonderland of messages in the pavement. I keep tripping up traffic to read what is underfoot. I've also learned that MBT rocker bottom shoes are not necessarily the best for climbing up and down hilly streets.

Y'all be good! We can't all stop working and run away.