05 October 2010

Tuesday Hodge Podge

King St., Charleston, S.C.

Not just bad but Super Bad! Always a good King St. photo op.

I am eating grape tomatoes like candy. Yum.

Oh. We are definitely going to need some of these: Ice Screaming Ice Cube Trays.

I've always believed that laziness was the mother of invention.

Mental Meatloaf wrote me up. Thanks Marcheline! Spread the word.

All I bought in St. Louis, besides books after book to read in airports, were two miniature sock monkey Christmas decorations.

When I sit for hours in meetings people think I am taking serious notes but I am really calculating how many years it will take to pay off my mortgage using different scenarios. What if I pay this much extra a month, or this much.....what if I got a big tax refund every year or stopped eating?

It's been hot for so long I forgot about dressing for weather. I know I have socks somewhere.

My TiVo broke. My hard drive crashed. It's been one of those stretches. I've had to watch regular tv. Cringe. I've lost photoshop. Sob.

I don't know why I did this to my photo but the Presurfer told me to: