15 October 2010

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - Pineville Chapel

Pineville Chapel, Pineville, S.C.

Here I am - taking you to church and it isn't even a Sunday. Surely I get extra points for that? I've heard two or three people lately joining the "church photo in lieu of attendance" club and I found us a sweetie this time. There isn't much left in what was historic Pineville.

Berkeley County’s wealthy planter class, wishing to avoid the fevers associated with their low lying plantations during the summer months, established inland settlements, particularly in areas wooded with pine trees, beginning in the late eighteenth century.

The Pineville Historic District is composed of four principal buildings, three residential buildings and one Episcopal church, ranging in date from ca.1810 through 1925. In the mid to late nineteenth century, Pineville was a densely-settled village that included as many as one hundred buildings, including an academy, racetrack, library, churches, and residences. Much of the town was burned by Union troops at the close of the Civil War in April 1865.